What is the Mindfulness Journey?

The Mindfulness Journey
Want to make 2015 the year you become more mindful?
Heard about mindfulness and wonder if it’s for you?
Tried mindfulness but not been able to keep it up?
The Mindfulness Journey is an approach I have put together based on my personal and professional experience.
All you have to do is read the Mindfulness Journey posts on the Effective Horsemanship fb page as they are posted  ( , or you can catch up right here on this new  blog

and think about them.
Every day.
That’s all
The posts will offer thoughts, insights, some things to try.
You decide what you do and when you do it.
At the end of the year, I guarantee you will have made progress in your mindfulness
It may not be the progress you planned, but it will be progress nevertheless
Confucius said “the longest journey begins with a single
Take your first step on your mindfulness journey and read the first post today
And think about it – for five minutes.
Set a timer and think about it for five minutes.
Doesn’t matter what or how you think about it….no right or wrong. Just think about it for five minutes

Here’s an idea: for your mindfulness journey
Find a notebook, a journal.
Each day, record something that occurs to you about mindfulness
If it helps, just write down your personal reflection on the thoughts and exercises I will be sharing here each day.
Then at the end of the year you will have your own personal book of mindfulness with 365 pages of yourself and your journey.
And so what if some of the pages simply copy the day’s quote? Maybe for those days, that is enough…..

Someone asked me — what if I am late starting The Mindfulness Journey? What if I miss a day?
So what? start when you can — and do the days when you can. My day 2 doesn’t have to be the same as your day 2 — some weeks you may manage 7 days that week — other times you may only manage one or two — just go through the days in sequence, however you can — and you will make progress.
Obviously if you can do something every day, progress may be faster — but progress once or twice a week is still more than if you do nothing at all…

What do you think of this? share your view or question.....

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