The Confidence Wheel

Here it is.  THE complete way to examine your confidence

And the basis of the future blog….  each post will be linked to the relevant parts of the wheel (sometimes more than one)  to make it easy for you to find what will make the biggest difference for you


The Confidence Wheel: how to help yourself

One of the biggest challenges in an organisation, especially when looking at capabilities, is the issue of confidence.  Personal confidence, team confidence, organisational confidence.

There are times we know we are full of ability but we don’t have the confidence to act on it…

I also see people full of confidence, but without the capability to do what they want or need to do…


How can you make sure that you have the realistic confidence needed to achieve your goals?


You can use the Confidence Wheel


Here it is, Complete Confidence in one image…..Confidence Wheel


At the heart of this is you.  Then your mental, emotional and physical states and their interactions.  How you are in yourself is a key aspect of confidence.

Then we start looking outside you.  And yes, knowledge and skills are outside you – because they can be learned from others, through others and so can be brought in from the outside to support you in your confidence journey


To feel confident about something, you need KNOWLEDGE.  You need to know What you are doing, Why you are doing it and How to do it.


To be confident you need to have the SKILLS to act on that knowledge.  You need to be able to do it, be able to do it well – and be able to practise so you can get better at doing it


And to be confident your ENVIRONMENT needs to support you.  The places need to be right, the processes need to work with you rather than against you and the people need to be there for you too….


Think about how this applies to your performance, your capabilities – and your confidence at work.

One of the biggest mistakes is mis-identifying the issue.  Using this wheel can help you make sure you are working on the real concerns that have an impact on confidence


Think about how you can use this wheel to achieve your goals…  where are the blocks?  Where are the opportunities?


As yourself, think about how you can use this wheel to accelerate your own development.  When you can accurately identify where an issue lies, you are much more likely to identify a matching appropriate solution that will make a real difference to you.


And each section of the wheel has different solutions….


More on those in other articles….


But here it is — The Confidence Wheel….


What do you think?



yours, in confidence


















Confidence Wheel


10 thoughts on “The Confidence Wheel

  1. Hi Cathy,
    I am completely with you concerning the center of the circle – we need to grasp it mentally, emotionally and physically. But to me, skills and knowledge are more closely linked. The questions you ask in the knowledge-section (why and what I am doing) are not that important to me (I think because basically I figured them out). The how-question for me goes hand in hand with the can-question of the skills-section. Cause the how defines if I can handle something (for instance if I approach an aggressive horse with to much energy and intention (which equals the how) I’ll probably be overwhelmed by his reaction (which is the can part)). I don’t know if I am being clear here 🙂 – I think I would modify the wheel somehow to adjust it to my ideas. But thank you anyway 🙂

  2. This is a great revelation to me. I’m usually a very confident person when it comes to expressing my truth. Yet when ghosts from my past come back and haunt me I am less than confident and feel weak. I’m going to study this confidence wheel and see how it relates to my situation. And read further articles on this series. Great blog, very thought provoking indeed. 😃

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