The Confidence Blog is One year old today!

One year ago, I was at home, wondering how to translate what I have learned about confidence and share it with as many people as possible –

So I started this blog.

Sharing my thoughts and writings each week is my way of helping people understand that we don’t need to stay unconfident, and that we can be our OWN confidence coaches.

Thank you to each and every one of you readers who have helped make this blog worth continuing:  your comments, thoughts and feedback inspire me to keep writing, and keep sharing.

And when I hear that an article has made a difference to someone, has helped them be more confident and have more fun with their horse – then I feel very happy and glad about my decision to start the blog.

At the moment,  the blog has over a thousand regular readers – I find that amazing and awesome: a thousand people read my articles.


My mission has always been: “There is no need to be unconfident”—and the more people that have access to this blog, the more people will know that confidence CAN be learned, developed and managed – and that ANYONE can have fun with their horses.

From my own experience of being unconfident in the past, I know how miserable that place is – and if the blog makes a difference to just one person, then it is worth doing.

Anyhow – it’s the Blog’s birthday – so I am going to ask for – and give – a birthday gift.

My request is – that each one of you who enjoys reading this blog – remember to share it with others.   The more readers I have, the more likely it is that I will get a formal book deal – which in turn will make this information even more widely available to people everywhere.  So if each person can share with just one other person – that will make a huge difference.

My gift is:  well, I thought about this long and hard.  As some of you know I travel and do talks on “Measuring and Managing your confidence” to riding clubs and charities – – many use the talk as a fundraiser.  The information in this talk has helped many people make big changes in their lives….

So, for a short time, I would like to offer the chance to have this information to ANY reader.

If you email me on cathy@effectivehorsemanship.com I will email you the written notes of the talk….


Yep, that’s right – -FREE.

Ok, it won’t be a book, or a fancy handout – it is a word document, very simple.

But on the offchance it might be of some interest for some of you, I thought I would put it out there.

It might end up being the basis of the book deal I hope to get – so what WOULD be great is that if anyone who asks for this would be kind enough to read the text and let me know how it worked for them – that would be VERY helpful!

So – if you would like this birthday present – email me on cathy@effectivehorsemanship.com and put the words “Confidence talk” in the subject line – and then sit back and wait for your gift!

By the way — this offer is valid for 10 days from today:  until March 31st – -so I hope that gives you enough time to take advantage of it — and tell your friends about it

OK – -that’s all I can think of for now – –

Thank you AGAIN for being part of this blog –

Yours, in confidence




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