GUEST BLOG: Confidence returns – -and not just with my horse

GUEST BLOG:  Confidence returns - -and not just with my horse

This lovely message was sent to me by a friend of mine.  We started working together when she realised that with her horse Maya, she did not have the confidence she had previously had when starting her own ponies:


Hi Cathy just wanted to say thank you for last year. It has made such a difference when I look back. You didn’t do any instant magic tricks but you helped direct me in the right direction of finding my confident self again.

I have lost 23lbs since the start of the new year (to help me be better rider and feel like my old self) still have a bit to go as I want to be 9stone 7lbs, I have a plan – I used to always have a plan whether it was the parelli or my own plan.

I am excited about it! – i used to love nothing more than doing things on my own with my horses and found alot of self praise from within and have got that back hence the videoing because I used to do a lot of that.

I am no longer on xxforum ( a popular advice forum for horse riders)  as I want to have more belief in myself and what I am doing rather than worry about what others think and how they would do it as I would much rather I find out for myself, I still have a lot of  friends from that forum on my facebook for any advice on vet issues or feeding etc. Plus I feel through meeting you I CAN pick and choose who I take advice from and who I don’t and to trust my gut.

I have also made a very supportive friend who understands me fully and I try always to support her too. Since my mum’s horse was pts a few years ago and her MS progressed I have been missing that unconditional support no matter what. I dont mind asking Hilary to do things or say that I dont want to do that and feeling bad about it.

I have also found that since getting more confident about my own confidence people are different around me some in a good way and I have made better friends and other have revealed a side to them that I dont like. Not sure if it is because of a change in me that they see or if its because i am more observing and open to other people.

I have signed up to do a BSc in september! I now realise that I was putting it off through fear! But am ready to dive straight in and have already started the criteria for members professional review with the institute of civil engineers.

So I feel so much more aware of my self and my limitations, limitation that I don’t feel are barriers but more like things to over come and improve at. My promise to myself this year is to be kinder and more reasonable to myself.


Thanks for posting Lucy — and for anyone who is interested in hearing more of Lucy’s journey with Maya, among other things, here is her own blog:




2 thoughts on “GUEST BLOG: Confidence returns – -and not just with my horse

  1. Awesome,awesome awesome! I am also loosing weight to be in better condition riding wise and also to feel better. I believe this helps your confidence and it spills over into other activities one was not so confident in, such as riding..I rode my totally green arabian this week by myself, no help getting on etc..I was able to swing my leg over him and settle down in the saddle and feel GREAT. I am sure the horse responded to my positive attitude..I did ask him mentally before I got on him to please take care of me! I have been very afraid of doing this, and some of that fear has drained away. I still have quite a few lbs to go, however I know I can do it and like I said before, somehow this attitude trickles into every area of your life!!!!!

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