Guest Blog: Espejo

Guest Blog:  Espejo


Espejo’s human is keeping a diary of their time together — when I read this one I thought it was beautiful and asked if I could share it here – I will post it as she wrote it — and if you have any questions for her please feel free to ask them in the comments!


“I’m Bored.  Let’s Go Walkabout”

So off I plod through the calf-high mud and battle my way down stinky Ham Lane, and I get my usual massively flattering greeting: he sees me and trots over, all eyes, ears and nostrils!  (I can’t help it, it gets me every time!)  Then we move into our customary halter chewing session, before he finally puts his nose into it and flips it nonchalantly onto his head; we do this. its what we do.
And off we go through the gate.

But for some reason today is different; today, he is very gently refusing to head home towards the  stables; he is standing his ground; planted.  So we wait. Nothing.  We wait a bit more.  Still nothing.


I’m a bit baffled by this point, and more than anything else I do not want to get into a debate about it.  I want harmony, and peace, and fluffy bunny rabbits and stuff!  So I ask him , okay my beautiful Spanish Hombre, where would you like to go.  And with that, he looks in the opposite direction, “away”.  So we go, and I’m thinking, yep lets see how far we get, I can go with this, I’m seriously curious now as to what’s on his mind.  And we’re off.

I’m in zone 3, rope is nice and loose and he’s moving forward.  On an adventure, no less!  My boy’s exploring!!  We pass pedestrians, some of whom get some attention and some are treated with contempt!  We meet dogs, cyclists, all in his stride, even if we have to pause a bit sometimes.  Its cool, we can wait….after all, the world still turns, the sun still rises and it will all be here when we’re ready to go again!

We pass horses even!  And my little Espejo turns into a wild stallion, doing the MOST amazing ‘passage’ and snorting (OMG my heart is in my mouth, not with fear but with complete admiration, love, adoration.)  And still we move on, always forward.

At last we pass the pub, so I thought I would be really cheeky & call in, see if theres a spare carrot in the kitchen up for grabs!  Well, was there ever!  The chef came out, the assistant chef and the landlady!  Espejo LOVED the attention, he was somewhat the celebrity, if ever there was one, and I was just glad to be a part of it.  The sun shone, my heart was ready to burst, my horse was with me, life was good. IS good.

Now its all just time.  That’s all. No magic.  No secret. Just time.  And I have a lifetime of it to give.

9 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Espejo

  1. Thats the key indeed – time – and we all have it if only we could believe it! You have captured those moments of sheer bliss and timelessness with your horse so nicely. Thanks for sharing

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  3. Wonderful to see such positive comments!! Love the idea of taking the time to keep a journel with your horse. Thanks very much for sharing.

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