Update on the horse trimming — the value of listening

I had a call from Cheryl today — Jamie had been to trim Tia and Cheryl had done the handling and  horse reading herself, without my support for the first time.

In her words, she felt she was “90% of the way there” — which I think is pretty amazing!

Tia communicated, and Cheryl and Jamie worked together to allow the experience to be a positive one.

Interestingly, Cheryl felt that towards the end, Tia’s “I can’t let you have that leg for that long”  was becoming more of a “I don’t WANT you to have that leg for that long” — which suggests that her confidence is really building and we will soon move on to the next stage:  where we have to persist in doing our job while not denting her new found confidence or allowing her to become pushy about the process — watch this space for more.

In other news, my pony Bella was the recipient of a grand total of 50 minutes of “friendly the leg” game over the past 6 weeks — for two or three minutes at a time I would simply settle down near her and stroke her legs from top to bottom — until she relaxed — then ask her to lift the leg and continue to just stroke it.

On her trim this week, the trimmer said she was SO much more relaxed it was almost unbelievable — much nicer to trim.

How important it is to listen to your horse — and how important the Friendly game is

I will be writing more proper posts over the weekend — thanks for being patient with the blog while I did the Open Studios and subsequent recovery LOL

yours, in confidence


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